CRU Criteria Document

The Energy ( Miscellaneous Provisions ) Act 2006 authorised the Commission for Regulation of Utilities ( CRU ) to appoint a Body to carry out the function of regulating gas installers with respect to safety on it’s behalf. The CRU developed a Criteria document setting out the detailed rules,procedures and requirements in relation to fulfilling the obligations and functions of the regulatory system by Registered Gas Installers, Gas Safety Supervisory Bodies designated by the Commission, Network Operators, LPG Undertakings and other relevant parties. Registered Gas Installers must agree to be bound to the Criteria in order to be registered. The document is made up of the following sections:

  • Section A – Introduction & Interpretation
  • Section B – The Body
  • Section C – The Registered Gas Installer
  • Section D – Disciplinary Procedures
  • Section E – Appeals Process
  • Section F – Authorised Officer
  • Operational Procedure No.1 – Procedure for Declaration of Conformance
  • Operational Procedure No.2 – Modifications
  • Operational Procedure No. 3 – Inspection Criteria and Performance Marking Scheme for New, Upgraded and Existing Domestic Gas Installation
  • Operational Procedure No. 4 – Application of Change of Installer

Click here to view the Criteria Document Version 1.7.