Declaration of Conformance Certificates (Completion Certificates)

The 2006 Act makes it mandatory for a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) to issue a Completion Certificate for all Gas Works carried out. Completion Certificates are supplied to RGIs by Safe Energy Ireland. To facilitate the wide range of Gas Works undertaken, there are three different types of Declaration of Conformance Certificates (Completion Certificates):

  • CERT 1: For new or existing gas installations requiring a new meter fit i.e.requiring a connection to the gas network.
  • CERT 2: For boiler replacement on existing gas installations with a gas meter already fitted.
  • CERT 3: For existing gas installations with a gas meter already fitted to cover all other Gas Works i.e. appliance fits (except boilers), pipework, safety check, repair work and servicing of gas appliances, etc.

The RGI will issue the original white copy of the Certificate to the customer immediately after completion of the Gas Works. If you have not been issued a Certificate and the RGI is refusing to do so, please complete the complaint form.