Product Safety Notice: Alert for Belling Gas Hobs

An issue was identified with certain Belling gas hobs. Some of them may have a connector that could fail under specific conditions, whether the hob is in use or not. If this happens, it could result in a gas leak or fire.

To check if your model is affected, you can locate the model number either on the rating label beneath the hob or within the instruction manual. If you have any difficulties accessing the number or if you suspect you have an affected model, please follow the following instructions to register for a free inspection by a certified Registered Gas Installer.

The models affected have the following model numbers:

444410443    BGH602CSTALPG Belling 60cm 4 zone LPG S/Steel

444410131    BGH602CSTANG Belling 60cm 4 zone Nat Gas Hob S/S

444410446    BGH75CSTALPG Belling 75cm 5 Zone LPG Hob S/S

444410133    BGH75CSTANG Belling 75cm 5 zone Nat Gas Hib S/S

444411636    GHU603CISTA Belling 60cm NG hob stainless

444411639    GHU573CISTA Belling 75cm NG hob stainless

444410132    BGTG60CBLK Belling 60cm 4 Zone

444410134    BGTG75CBLK Belling 5 Zone

444410193    Stoves GTG60CBLK 60cm 4 Zone

444414444    GTG600LPGBLK Belling 4 Zone

444410447    BGTG75CLPGBLK Belling 5 Zone

444411638    BGHU573RISTA Belling 5 Zone

444410444 BEL GTG600C LPG BLK

444411635 BEL GHU603RI STA

444411637 BEL GTG603RI BLK

444411640 BEL GTG753RI BLK

Please note that some models are sold in NI.

If you are not sure of your gas hob brand, please contact Belling on 01 691 7111.

Booking an inspection or repair:

It is imperative to take immediate action to ensure your safety. To schedule a free inspection and repair by a Registered Gas Installer, contact the company:

  • Telephone number: 01 691 7111 between 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am to 4:30pm on Friday.

When reaching out to them, please make sure to have your model number ready.

What to do while waiting for service:

If you smell gas or suspect any risk associated with your appliance, contact Gas Networks Ireland immediately at 1800 20 50 50.

If you are using your hob with Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in a caravan or motorhome, disconnect it from the LPG cylinder immediately.

Where to Find More Information:

Please refer to the enclosed Safety Notice for this product, which includes information on affected model numbers and guidance on how to identify your model. This notice can also be accessed on the following websites:

For any further queries or assistance, please contact Belling Customer Service.