Guidance Note for Application Form

Reference documents:

Before submitting the Application Form,please ensure the following have been enclosed:

  • Application Form fully completed & signed
  • Application Fee
  • Two recent Passport Photos for all Individual Applications
  • Copy of Public Liability Insurance Certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of Employers Liability Insurance Certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of GID Certificate and Trade Certificate (see note below) for Applicants
  • Apprenticeship Registration for Trainee status applicants

An incomplete application form or an application submitted without the necessary ancillary documentation or correct application fee will not be processed.

To view the fee structure click here.

Gas Installers – for the purposes of this document an installer means any person currently engaged in installing, repairing and servicing equipment and appliances for the use of natural gas in domestic type premises. Note: It is the individual installer who is registered by Safe Energy Ireland, either as a self employed individual or as an employee of a Registered Installer Company.

1. Categories of Registration/ Membership for Individuals

1.1 Individual applicants, dependant on their training and/ or experience can apply for one of the following categories of registration:

  • Registered Gas Installer
  • Registered Gas Installer Trainee

2. Qualification Criteria

2.1 Registered Gas Installer
Installers seeking registration in this category must hold a GID award (or equivalent) and be in possession of a Trade Certificate (see note below). 

2.2 Registered Gas Installer (Trainee)
Trainees seeking registration in this category must be actively employed under qualified supervision in the industry and currently undergoing formal training or a complimentary trade eg. FÁS plumbing apprenticeship

2.3 Registration for Companies               
Companies can apply for registration but must list all employees of the company who carry out or will carry out work on domestic natural gas installations.An individual application form and fee for each employee must accompany the company application.

3. Application Form
Return the completed Application Form, with all supporting documentation to or via post to:
Safe Energy Ireland
PO Box 13559

The application fee can be paid by cheque, credit card or cash.

Note: The Trade Certificate is a new requirement since 1 March 2014 – see details in Amendments to the Gas Criteria Document.