Dial Before you Dig

Before starting any excavation work, it is essential to check for the location of gas pipes by calling 1850 42 77 47 or emailing dig@gasnetworks.ie. If you are employing a builder or contractor remind them to always Dial Before They Dig. Gas Networks Ireland’s Dial Before You Dig service provides information, advice and maps on the gas pipeline network. 

Digging into natural gas pipelines can cause major disruption, serious injury and even death.  If a pipeline is damaged while work is being carried out you may be liable to pay pipeline repair costs to Gas Networks Ireland.

A list of contact details for different gas providers can be found below:

Gas Networks Irelandhttps://www.gasnetworks.ie/home/safety/dial-before-you-digdig@gasnetworks.ie1850 42 77 47
Calor Gashttps://www.calorgas.ie/help/dial-before-you-digdialbeforeyoudig@calorgas.ie01-291 61 35
FloGashttps://www.flogas.ie/help-and-customer-support/help-customer-support-lpg/safety-lpg.htmlN/A041 214 9600