Declaration of Conformance’s (Completion Certificates)

Summary of the Requirement
The Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006

“Where a Registered Gas Installer carries out any “Gas Work”, the Registered Gas Installer (RGI) concerned shall issue the appropriate Completion Certificate to the person who requested the work to be carried out”.
The C.E.R. Definition for the Scope of “Gas Works” is set out in its final decision paper CER/09/083 (www.cer.ie) and was given legal effect in the Regulations signed by the CER pursuant to Section 13 of the Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006 (the ‘2006 Act’). These “Gas Works” Regulations were enacted on 26th June 2009 and defines

“Gas Works” as follows:
For the purpose of section 9G(3) of the Act ‘works which are “Gas Works” means the installation, removal, repair, servicing, maintenance or replacement (or any combination of the foregoing) of a Natural Gas Fitting(inc appliances) covered by I.S. 813 which is:
(a)used or designed to be used by a Domestic Gas Customers; or
(b)which is designed to be used by a Domestic Gas Customer but which installed in a Commercial or an Industrial Premises.

The 2006 Act makes it mandatory for an RGI to issue a Completion Certificate for all “Gas Work” carried out, (it’s the Law). All reference to Declaration of Conformance Certificates throughout this document shall be construed as meaning Completion Certificates supplied by the GSSB. (Safe Energy Ireland) for the purpose of the 2006 Act. An RGI. is only permitted to certify his or her own work. Declarations of Conformance Certificates are available from Safe Energy Ireland.

To facilitate the wide range of “Gas Works” undertaken by RGI’s there are three different
types of Declaration of Conformance Certificate:

CERT 1: For NEW OR EXISTING GAS INSTALLATIONS REQUIREING A NEW METER FIT i.e. requiring a connection to the gas network (Gas Network operator will not fit a new gas meter without picking up a copy of cert 1 on site)
Cost of Cert 1: see Pricelist

CERT 2: For BOILER REPLACEMENT on existing gas installations with a gas meter already fitted
Cost of Cert 2: see Pricelist

CERT 3: For EXISTING GAS INSTALLATIONS with a gas meter already fitted to cover all other “Gas Work” i.e. all appliance fits, (except boilers) pipework, safety check, repair work and servicing of gas appliances etc.
Cost of Cert 3: see Pricelist

Completing a Declaration of Conformance Certificates
It’s imperative when filling out the details on the conformance certificates that:
✔ All the fields are completed.i.e type of gas, type of installation, appliance types/location,
     RGI name and RGI number date of tests, date of issue, signature etc.
✔ The Gas Point Registration Number(GPRN) must be entered (available from customers bill or GNI)
✔ All details are in BLOCK CAPITALS and legible ‘Print’ at all times
✔ The original is issued to customer immediately on completion of “Gas Work”
✔ The Safe Energy Ireland copy (green) is returned to Safe Energy Ireland within 20 days of issue.