Rules of Registration 01/2016

1.  General Principles

1.1  Safe Energy Ireland is the body which has been appointed by the Commission for Energy Regulation (“the Commission”) as the Gas Safety Supervisory Body (GSSB) under Section 9F (1) (a) of the Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006 (“the Act”).

1.2  Safe Energy Ireland’s primary objective is to protect the safety interests of the public with respect to gas installation activities through the registration and supervision of gas Installers, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulatory System as set out in the Act and the Criteria Document (which is referred to in the Act). The Criteria Document sets out the safety standards and procedures to be adhered to by Registered Gas Installers (RGI). This document is and may be subject to change in accordance with the Act.

1.3.  In terms of the Act, an individual shall not carry out gas works nor portray themselves as an RGI (pursuant to the Act) unless that person is registered with a Gas Safety Supervisory Body.

1.4.  The Rules shall be subject to revision from time to time and any changes made shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.

2.  Confirmations

By signing the Application form, the applicant is confirming for the duration of registration with Safe Energy Ireland to be bound as follows:

(i)   With all the Regulatory requirements applicable to the member as set out in the Act, the Criteria Document and these Rules; and
(iii)  to be deemed to permit all data relating to his/her application and membership of the RGI, including, disciplinary and other records to be disclosed by Safe Energy Ireland to third parties Insofar as Safe Energy Ireland or the Commission deem it to be necessary and reasonable in all the circumstances.

3.    Application for Registration

3.1  Any installer wishing to become a Registered Gas Installer of Safe Energy Ireland must complete the appropriate Application Form.

3.2  The application form is available for download on the RGI website and may be amended from time to time subject to the approval of the Commission.

4.    Payment of Fees

4.1  An application fee of the prescribed amount shall be payable in respect of each application and shall accompany the application form. Further fees for the annual subscription, inspections, certificates and additional services may also be charged.

4.2  All fees will be charged in accordance with Safe Energy Ireland’s Tariff of Fees and Charges, (please refer to the RGI website) approved by the Commission and published on an annual basis. All fees are non-refundable 

5.  Compliance with Technical Rules/Standards

5.1  Every applicant, in addition to the requirements set out In the Act, the Criteria Document and these Rules, shall comply with the technical standards applicable to the Regulatory System i.e. I.S. 813 Domestic Gas Installations / I.S. EN 1949 LPG systems in leisure accommodation vehicles published by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) or any such other technical rules/standards as may be specified by the Criteria Document from time to time.

5.2  The RGI  shall be in possession in his/her own right of at least one copy of I.S. 813 Domestic Gas Installations/ I.S. EN 1949  LPG systems in leisure accommodation vehicles . In the case of a company, enough copies must be kept to ensure that every RGI employed by the company has reasonable access to the relevant documents when required.

6.  Criteria for Eligibility

6.1  The applicant must meet the eligibility criteria contained in Section C.1.2 of the Criteria Document.

7.   Evidence of Qualifications

7.1  Applicants for registration must support their application with such evidence as to their qualifications for registration, their technical competence and their standard of workmanship as Safe Energy Ireland requires. Furthermore, they shall afford to Safe Energy Ireland such information and facilities for inspection of gas test equipment and “Gas Work’s” completed or in progress, as Safe Energy Ireland may request, in compliance with the Act and Criteria Document.

8.   Decisions on Application for Registration

8.1  Safe Energy Ireland will follow its Application Procedure (as referred to in the Criteria Document) when considering any application for registration.

8.2  Applicants for registration and renewal shall be entitled to appeal any rejection of either application in accordance with the provisions of the Criteria Document.

9.   Certificates of Registration etc.

9.1 Every Registered Gas Installer & Company duly Registered shall have his/her name appear on “The Register” and shall, after payment of all fees due and proof of current insurance and competency be entitled to the following for so long as his/her name remains on the Register:

(i)   A Certificate of Registration;
(ii)  A registration number;
(iii) A photo Identity card;
(iv) The use of the words “Registered Gas Installer” or “RGI”;
(v)  The use of the brands of the Regulatory System, including the logos relevant to RGI and the regulatory system brand (in accordance with the Criteria Document)

9.2  Every Certificate of Registration shall remain the property of Safe Energy Ireland and shall be returned forthwith to Safe Energy Ireland upon removal, for any reason, of the holder’s name from the Register.

9.3  The use of the RGI emblem or logo as Safe Energy Ireland may approve, may be made available to Registered Gas Installers upon successful registration but will remain the property of the Commission and shall be returned to Safe Energy Ireland upon removal of the Registered Gas Installer’s name from the Register, whatever the reason for such removal or if, for any reason, the Certificate of Registration is cancelled.

9.4  The RGI shall be obliged to ensure its business documentation includes his/her registration number and logo of RGI

10.   Registration and Renewal of Registration

10.1  Registration shall be effective from the initial date of approval of a fully completed application form to the end of the financial year in which approval takes place unless, in the meantime, the Registered Gas Installer’s name is removed from the Register.

10.2  Continued registration shall be on an annual basis and subject to the payment of an annual subscription fee, having in place appropriate commercial Insurance, having an in date “Certificate of Competence” as specified by the Gas safety Supervisory Body, and continued compliance with the conditions of registration (as referred to in the Criteria Document) including these rules.

10.3  Renewal notices will be issued each year and confirmation of continued registration along with annual subscription fee will be required within 30 days of the issue of this renewal notice. In the event of non-compliance with this rule, Registration may be terminated and the RGI must return all property pertaining to registration and remove all reference to registration from the installer’s notepaper and property.

10.4  Safe Energy Ireland financial year is the calendar year

10.5  The Annual Subscription Fee, payable in accordance with the Tariff of fees and charges referred to in section 4 above must be paid within 30 days of renewal date.

11.   Evidence of Registration

11.1  Every RGI must produce when requested his/her Certificate of Registration and or photo identity card for inspection by any duly authorised officer of Safe Energy Ireland or his/her customers.

12.   Change of Registration Details

12.1  Every RGI shall give notice in writing to Safe Energy Ireland of any change in business status or of any other change in the particulars contained in his application Form, within 10 working days of such changes.

12.2  Failure to comply with this clause may lead to the RGI been subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Section D of the Criteria Document.

13.   Declaration of Conformance (Cert)

13.1  Every RGI shall issue a valid Declaration of Conformance Certificate to his/her customer in respect of all “Gas Work “carried out (to include all works on a gas installation).This is also a requirement of the Standard and the Act

13.2  This clause is subject to the “Operational Procedure No.1 Certification” (referred to in the Criteria Document) developed by Safe Energy Ireland in conjunction with the Commission. Declaration of Conformance certificates (green copy) must be returned to Safe Energy Ireland within 20 working days of issue

14.   Records

14.1  The RGI is required to keep all records in accordance with Section C.3 of the Criteria Document.

15.   Responsibilities in relation to “Gas Works”

15.1 The RGI will carry out all “Gas Works” with the highest regard for safety. This includes making arrangements for the safety of unfinished works in accordance with Section C 3.2.5 of the Criteria Document. Where a RGI encounter unsafe “Gas Work” he/she must Issue a Notification of Hazard and make safe as required by the Standard. A copy of this notification must be returned to Safe Energy Ireland within 10 working days.

16.  Inspection and Audit of Premises, Equipment and Gas Works

16.1 Every RGI shall permit Safe Energy Ireland to carry out an inspection and/or audit at any time in accordance with the Audit and Inspection Procedures published by Safe Energy Ireland and approved by the Commission and Section C.3 and B.3 of the Criteria Document.

16.2    Failure to comply with this clause will cause the RGI to be liable to suspension and or termination of his/her registration.

17.  Disciplinary Process

17.1  The RGI will be subject to Safe Energy Ireland’s disciplinary procedure as approved by the Commission in accordance with Section D of the Criteria Document. The Disciplinary procedure also includes provision for appeals in accordance with Section D.11-12 and Section E of the Criteria Document.

17.2  In the event that a RGI is found to have been in breach of the provisions of the Act, the Criteria Document or these Rules he/she may be faced with serious sanction’s including, but not limited to, the loss of self-certification facility, suspension and or termination of registration.

17.3  Automatic removal from the register will apply to any RGI who fails to meet the terms of registration as per The Criteria Document and the Rules of Safe Energy Ireland i.e. failure to provide proof of public liability insurance, failure to provide an in date “Competency Certificate”, failure to comply with the Inspection/Audit requirements, and failure to pay fees as required,

17.4  The RGI will be provided with fair process throughout. These procedures shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.

18.   Termination of registration

18.1  Where a RGI has his/her registration terminated for whatever reason, the RGI must remove all reference to RGI/Safe Energy Ireland from his/her notepaper and property and he/she shall not in any way represent himself /herself or his/her business as being registered with Safe Energy Ireland. The installer will no longer be entitled to use the branding associated with the Regulatory System. Failure to comply with this clause may lead to a criminal prosecution against the installer.

18.2  The installer must return all Safe Energy Ireland property, including the registration certificate. He /she must also relinquish all conformance certificates (used and unused).

18.3  Where reasonable, Safe Energy Ireland may, at its discretion, publish or advertise the removal of a installer’s name from the register on Safe Energy Ireland’s website and also in such newspaper or publications and in such manner as it may think reasonable (in accordance with the Act and Criteria Document).

19.   Complaints

19.1  Safe Energy Ireland shall deal with all complaints received from Registered Gas Installers concerning matters associated with registration and certification and other related matters in accordance with the provisions of the Criteria Document.

20.   Public Awareness

20.1  Safe Energy Ireland shall establish and maintain a website for the purposes of publicly publishing the Register of Gas Installers (as required by the Act) and also presenting information relating to its operation and activities to RGI and the general public. This website shall present such information and be in such format as may be specified by the Commission.

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