Audit and Inspection Preparation

This page is here to assist you in preparing for the inspection and audit by identifying the necessary checks and observations which Safe Energy Ireland are required to complete as the Gas Safety Supervisory Board (GSSB).

In general, the completion of the inspection and audit process with an RGI goes smoothly and Safe Energy Ireland appreciate the ongoing co-operation of the RGI’s in this quality audit scheme.

The Inspection element of the meeting requires the Safe Energy Ireland Inspector to observe the completion of one of two activities completed on a gas consumers premises by the RGI.

These activities can be either of:

  1. Gas works on a new or upgraded domestic gas installation
  2. Full Annex E inspection of an existing gas installation.

The Audit element of the meeting requires the Safe Energy Ireland Inspector to visually confirm that the RGI possesses each of the following items on the day of the meeting, these items are required for carrying out gas works safely:

U-Gauge / Digital Manometer (Within Calibration Period)I.D.Card
Flue Gas Analyzer (If required)Current Edition of I.S.813 (2014 + A1 2017). You can purchase a copy of I.S.813 from the NSAI website here.
Leak Detection EquipmentDeclaration of Conformance (appropriate for the work undertaken on the day)
Smoke matchesNon-conformance / Notification of Hazard book
Smoke PelletsCSST Training Certificate (If required)
Multimeter (If required)PE Training Certificate (If required)
Test Tee and AspiratorMultilayer Pipework Training Certificate (If required)

The above information is supplied in an effort to assist you in preparing for the inspection meeting and help you avoid recording any non-conformance points on the day.

Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions it is essential that you are prepared to observe the current advice on safe on-site practices and that the customer has agreed in advance to the arrival of two persons onto their premises. The customer should remain in an alternative room whilst the inspection of the work is taking place, and it’s normal to carry out the audit outdoors in these times to minimize the time spent indoors.

Should any COVID-19 related issues arise with you or the proposed customers home we will re-arrange the inspection for a later date on receipt of this information from you.

Thank you for your co-operation in advance of this Inspection & Audit meeting, and if you have any further questions please contact your nominated inspector, or contact Safe Energy Ireland at if you are not sure who your nominated inspector is.