Safe Energy Ireland Update My Details

Have you recently changed your email address, mobile number or your home/business address? Are you no longer working in a particular work category or working in a new work category.

RGI’s , Companies and Businesses can now update their personal information via our website. Safe Energy Ireland must be informed of any changes to registration information within 10 business days of the relevant event, such change of address, contact details or in the case of RGI companies, the addition or change of an RGI employee listed on your record.

To ensure we have your details up to date

By providing the required you will receive correspondence from Safe Energy Ireland in regards to :

  • Inspection,

  • Insurance Update

  • DGA expiry reminders

  • Invoices via email

  • Regular Safe Energy Ireland & GNI updates

  • Cert Order , Processing & Collection arrangements

  • Access to online portal

Safe Energy Irelandis committed to providing RGI’s and Companies with the further means to easily manage their accounts and information. All communication, correspondence and updates will be sent via email and/or SMS message.We encourage you to read our Privacy policy , any questions about your information or privacy. Please contact us at